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    • #8248 Svara

      Had a very good reception on July 5, 2020 at 14:00 in the city center of Mannheim, SW Germany. But have a look for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aykap2di4oA

    • #8229 Svara
      Sanyi, HA3PG

      Thanks to the SAQ Team, it was an interesting experiment listening to the 100 years old machine, generating RF (or should I call it AF?) signal. Details in a few words below.

      – QTH: Pecs, Hungary, Maidenhead grid JN96DB

      – RX: MSi.SDR (later RSP1A in the afternoon) + converter to 10MHz built with an SA612 and modest front LPF to cut LF, MF and above

      – ANT: Miniwhip (the classical circuit with J310 + 2N5109) at about 8m height on a pine tree, 10-12m away from the house, proper CMC filtering and grounding on about 40m length of 75 Ohm coax

      – Signal: 599+ both morning and afternoon transmissions, I did not check exact level but definitely very strong and solid signal in spite of some digital QRM on the frequency

      I also tried without the converter and any front filtering in the afternoon. The RX was suffering from strong IMD but still solid copy at about 579/589.

      A short 1 min capture can be checked here:


      Once again, thanks to all members of the SAQ staff, 73 and stay healthy, old boys.

      Sanyi, HA3PG

    • #8197 Svara
      Manuel Lausmann

      SAQ with SDRPLAY DX

    • #8193 Svara

      I received both transmissions in Berlin with 10 dB S/N
      RX Elad SW2 and an aktive Vertical 1m

    • #8191 Svara
      Felix Popa

      Hi! In Romania, second transmission

    • #8189 Svara

      Good reception near Lugano, south of Switzerland.
      Thank you for keeping this exciting piece of history running. My receiver is a Colin B. Kennedy Mod.110 from 1921.

    • #8187 Svara
      strong wind

      Received the signal of a radio station in the Republic of Belarus

    • #8186 Svara
      Christian Rausch

      Good reception here south of Munich.

      Thanks for the transmission!

      This my antenna: 5 turns of 26-wire-ribbon-cable connected to MIC input of sound card

    • #8183 Svara
      Axel Rump


      Also here in Germany (Wittenburg, JO53MM)
      very good signal today.


      Receiver: Russian R-326 with Up-Converter
      Software: Fldigi
      Antenna: MiniWhip

      73, Axel

    • #8178 Svara
      Wolfgang Sprodofsky

      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

      I have received your Transmission today (05.07.2020) at 9 UTC with RST 589 with slight QRN on 17,2kHz on my QTH 13507 Berlin , loc: JO62PN .
      Also I received it at 12 UTC with the same result.

      My Hardware for your Station:

      Ant : End-Fed 24m grounded with many burried radials
      VLF-Converter : (0…600)kHz —> (2000…2600)kHz with Tubes , Home-made
      TRX : FT991A , Mode CW , BW: 150 Hz
      Decoder-SW : CW-Get

      vy 73 es 55 de Wolfgang , DM2SP

    • #8176 Svara
      Rabbe Fogelholm

      Outdoor at the highest point of Sollentuna, Sweden, JO89xk, listening for the early transmission. RST 459 with 30 m wire laid out on the ground (lacking usable shrubs) and Windows laptop with SAQrx. And luckily the rain did not start until just after



    • #8175 Svara
      Marco Cadeddu [IK1HSS]

      Dear SAQ team,

      thanks a lot for the renewed pathos to hear again SAQ even in this period!
      FB signals in both transmissions and tune up periods 599 aural copy from an E-Probe into an UMC202 audio board and SpectrumLab: up to 25dB (S+N)/N in the SL waterfall.
      HRD in Turin urban city (JN35TB).
      Hope you keep in good health and to be able to copy you next time
      73 Marco IK1HSS

    • #8173 Svara
      Davide Borroni

      Good signal even after lunch in italy, with my rx Teletron TE 712S. 73s

    • #8172 Svara
      Gudmund SM3BYA

      Second transmission at 1200 UTC received just as FB as the first. (S+N)/N about 15 dB above noise in 500 Hz BW. Keep up the good work!

    • #8168 Svara
      Marino Mingardo

      Very good, 32 dBµV signal in Padua Italy
      LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtAEXM7yiso&feature=youtu.be

    • #8167 Svara
      Alexander Laimer

      Very good reception in Lana, Nord Italy.
      Antenna is Windom Antenna for 160m ham Band. Receiver is a TELEFUNKEN ELK 639.

      73 Alexander/IN3CVK

    • #8166 Svara
      Marino Mingardo

    • #8164 Svara
    • #8163 Svara
      Arnold Goksøyr

      I heard you clearly at 2 o’clock today, but the signal was faint, only RST 449. This was probably because of my new, but a bit unfinished frame antenna. My vintage Atalanta tube receiver also need some adjustments. Best regards, Arnold Goksøyr / LA6RPA Norway

    • #8160 Svara
      SQ7AYZ Piotr

      Received at S3 REDIFON 10-200Khz VLF Receiver, antenna 10m vertical wire. Locator my QTH JO91PT

      SQ7AYZ / Piotr

    • #8159 Svara
      Juha, OH8CW

      Trying to come up with the video ..

      Very good reception in Oulu, Finland. Here is a video. Used SAQ program in a laptop. Antenna is 19m GP for 80m ham band. Receiver is a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD, 192kHz sampling. Video was recorded using a cellphone on a tripod.

      SAQ 5th July 2020

    • #8158 Svara
      Juha, OH8CW

      Very good reception in Oulu, Finland. Here is a video. Used SAQ program in a laptop. Antenna is 19m GP for 80m ham band. Receiver is a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD, 192kHz sampling. Video was recorded using a cellphone on a tripod.

    • #8157 Svara
      OZ4GD / Per

      Heard your signal fine with my built-in PC sound card, and a 10m long piece of wire, at locator JO65AN.

      OZ4GD / Per

    • #8155 Svara
      Davide Borroni

      Veri good signal in North Italy, with my Siemens E 401. 73s

    • #8149 Svara
      John Leach

      Received at S4 in West London, at QTH of G7OXK. Long wire antenna with SDRPlay RSP2 and SDRuno.
      Thanks 73

    • #8148 Svara
      Markus Lemke

      Hey that was working quite good for this old receiver concept. Heard you not too loud, would give you 459 RST. Had quite some noise here despite I was in the garden, away from the house. The FSK transmitter at 18 kHz is much stronger here, which makes reception more difficult.
      I highly appreciate the V-V-V SAQ loop at the beginning, this gives me a chance to tune my receiver. Tuning an old tube receiver costs some time – you know that.
      looking forward to receive the 2nd message as well and hope that the signal will maybe a bit stronger here then.


    • #8146 Svara
      Davide Borroni

    • #8145 Svara

      RST 529 Aktiv Antenne ich 7300 & Converter

      LG DD6LA

    • #8144 Svara
      Alexander Hahn

      very good signal here today. I was able to decode allmost all.
      Signal was -80dB RST 579 in JN49ea, karlsruhe, Germany.
      Software: SDR console
      Filter: JG-LPF74
      Cable: H100/25 mtrs.
      Antenna: Grahn active magnetic antenna, ferrite module

      Decoded text:

      cq cq de saq saq saq = this is grimeton radio/saq in a transmission using the alexanderson 200 kw alternator on 17.2 khz. = in view of the present pandemic covid-19 we want to pay tribute to all parties concerned with the care (…) knowing that the efforts will pay effect eventually = signed: world heritage grimeton radio station and the alexander grimeton veteranradios vaenner association AR = for qsl info please read our website: https://www.alexander.n.se = AR de saq saq saq

      Thank you for your effort, vy 73 and stay healthy!

      Alex, DH2ID

    • #8143 Svara
      Gudmund Wannberg

      Always a joy to hear the old lady starting up! First signals heard at 0843 UTC (long dash), then VVV de SAQ from 0845 until 0859 and then the msg with the kind recognition of all health workers everywhere…

      Your signals were about 15 dB above the background in 500 Hz BW throughout in JP81nx. Some of the background was your own backwave, which was quite weak today but plainly audible. There was another strong VLF station on the frequency initially, but thankfully it stopped a few minutes before you started tuning up.

      Equipment: 1 m long vertical E-field probe antenna => homemade upconverter 17.2 / 3467.2 => Drake R-4C

      73, thanks and keep safe!

    • #8142 Svara
      Andreas, DL4SDC

      Maybe the staff can explain a little about the technical details (cooling, motor start and speed control, …) in English while starting up the alternator.
      I’m looking forward to a good reception.

    • #8141 Svara
      Gabriele Somma

      I will try to listen to you from Italy, precisely the province of Salerno

    • #8140 Svara

      Best of luck James. Looking forward to your report.
      Fredrik / AlexanderSAQ

    • #8139 Svara
      James Licari

      Will be listening for you in the morning! Best of luck!

      James Licari

      Wetumpka,AL. USA

    • #8138 Svara

      Dear Mark,
      Exiting to hear about your tube receiver and all luck to you today. Looking forward to receiving your report.
      Fredrik / AlexanderSAQ

    • #8137 Svara

      Dear SAQ Team,

      will try to receive your signal with my homebrew VLF tube receiver with battery tubes – concept from 1919 book “Vacuum Tubes in Wireless Communication”

      Hope to hear you tomorrow !


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