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Detta ämne innehåller 32 svar, har 10 deltagare, och uppdaterades senast av  Aldo 4 månader, 2 veckor sedan.

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    Thanks for all kind reports and listener storier to our forum!

    For QSL, please fill out our Online QSL Report Form.

    Grimeton Radio / SAQ Transmission on June 30th, 2019.

    The annual transmission on “Alexanderson Day” with the Alexanderson alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz with the call SAQ will take place Sunday, June 30th, 2019.
    Two transmissions are scheduled as follows:

    1. Startup of tuning at 10:30 (08:30 UTC) with a transmission of a message at 11:00 (09:00 UTC).
    2. Startup of tuning at 13:30 (11:30 UTC) with a transmission of a message at 14:00 (12:00 UTC)
      Both transmission events will be broadcasted live on our YouTube Channel.

    We are introducing a new online SAQ reception report form to be used by listeners to report reception of any SAQ transmissions. We are kindly asking listeners not to send SAQ reception reports via E-mail.

    QSL-reports to SAQ are kindly received via:
    Reception report form at alexander.n.se/receptionreport
    – or via: SM bureau
    – or direct by postal mail to:

    Alexander Association
    Grimeton 72
    SE-432 98 GRIMETON
    S W E D E N

    The Amateur Radio Station with the call “SK6SAQ” will be QRV on the following frequencies:
    – 7.035 kHz CW or
    – 14.035 kHz CW or
    – 3.755 kHz SSB

    QSL-reports to SK6SAQ are kindly received via:
    – Email to info@alexander.n.se
    – or via: SM bureau
    – or direct by postal mail (see address above)Two stations will be on the air most of the time.

    The station will be open to visitors between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.


    World Heritage Grimeton Radio station and The Alexander Association

    For further details, se grimeton.org or alexander.n.se


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    Very good signal received from Roccatederighi, near Grosseto, ITALY.
    Many thanks for this transmission.
    Equipment SPR1A, random antenna.

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    Uwe Kraaz
    Uwe Kraaz

    Dear friends,

    I had in Schmölln / Germany at 11.00 AM and 2.00 PM with a magnetic loop
    and the SAQ.exe – software a good receiving from SAQ.

    Many thank to all actives friends from SAQ for the good work.

    Vy 73

    de Uwe (DL5KU)

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    Alexander Küffer

    Hello everybody, the Signal from SAQ was very good to hear.

    QTH/P: 47º09.414’N 7º 32.091’E JN37SD
    RST: 599 ufb
    RX: Telefunken ELK639
    Ant: Loop

    VY73 Alexander HE9EFY/p

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    Gheorghe Balan

    Yesterday I received for the first time the SAQ transmission.
    The SAQ signal, here in Romania, Pitesti, KN24KU, was much better than expected for my all home made equipment : 599+ some statics, for the first transmission and 489+QRN for the second transmission.
    My rig : VLF converter (based on the DL4ZAO VLF conv.), 14 MHz cw/ssb Rx, G5RV antenna (a kind of !).
    Many thanks to the entire crew for these transmissions and for all their work,
    73, Gigi, YO7GYQ.

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    Walter Barteczek

    Yesterday transmission was a bid noisy but readable at 12:00, 2 hours later 599. SDR-Receiver, 9m high 80m dipole in “T-configuration” against ground with additional 197,3 mH.

    Walter Barteczek
    DK8KV in JO30QU

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    Jose Magi

    Very good signal of two transmissions received from Catalonia, Spain near Barcelona
    Equipment Rohde Schwarz ESH3 with HFH2-Z2 Active Loop Antenna
    73 Jose EA3JAA

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    Rudolf OK1PW

    Big signal receiver very old wave meter Rohde+Schwarz WEN435 /2tube/ ant 80m loop

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    Laurence Howell
    Laurence Howell

    Hello from a smoky and hot Alaska – was awake for the first transmission only and signals around 339 signal 10-12 dB above noise. I had to employ my single turn 3m diameter loop/Spectrumlabs to cut high QRN, and much better, and rarely, than the L400b probe which I typically use for SAQ. Thanks for the Signals and congrats on getting the signal over the Pole in the middle of summer – 73 Laurence KL7L

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    DL7LA – Günter

    Located in Berlin City, JO62PL

    Signals excellent about 20 dB over man made noise (abt 5 dB less than JXN on 16.4 kHz) in a city location.
    The second transmission slightly noisier anbd abt 2 dB weaker, but solid copy.
    Greetings to the old Lady, keep her up and running, mni tnx to all operators.

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    Wolfgang Sprodofsky

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    I have received your Transmission today (30.06.2019) at 9 UTC with RST 589 with slight QRN on 17,2kHz on my QTH 13507 Berlin , loc: JO62PN .

    My Hardware for your Station:

    Ant : End-Fed 24m grounded with many burried radials
    VLF-Converter : (0…600)kHz —> (2000…2600)kHz with Tubes , Home-made
    TRX : FT991A , Mode CW , BW: 150 Hz
    Decoder-SW : CW-Get

    vy 73 es 55 de Wolfgang , DM2SP

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    Holger DL1BLE

    heard both transmission wid 559. Rig: Mini-Whip, VLF Converter (SO42P) and IC7600.
    Locator: JO43KB
    mni tks to crew

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    Ian Harling
    Ian Harling

    Ian Harling G7HFS
    Good reception here in Eastbourne JO00DR using my Yeasu FT -817ND with Datong VLF converter and a 1 mtr whip aerial.Signal S9.73☺

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    Peder Rodhe
    Peder Rodhe

    SM5DWF again my QTH is JP90JA on the beautiful island of Väddö in the Stockholm archipelago, tried 3755 kHz but nil sofar. Rig of HA8DH take the price!

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    Peder Rodhe
    Peder Rodhe

    This is SM5DWF doktor on waves, SAQ heard 339 between UTC 1135 and 1140 and between 1155 and 1208. RX CR304 Antenna 80/160 m dipole.
    Keep on with the old lady!

    73/Peder SM5DWF

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    Hegyi Lorand
    hegyi lorand

    Tnx for SAQ team!

    I have homebrew morse ink (tape) writer and
    record the transmission.

    RST is 579, QRM
    QRA KN06DK, QRB 1305 km.
    (Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary)

    My SAQ setup on video:

    73 Lori

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    Marcel Bos
    Marcel Bos PA9M

    Good copy this morning. Ant. Mini Whip pa0rdt on SAQ panoramic VLF receiver v0.94, also on home brew converter to 10mhz and K3. S5-7.
    TNX cu at Chrismas EVE.
    73 Marcel PA9M
    Oldenzaal Netherlands

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    Michael Krauss
    Michael Krauss

    As a member of the Alexanderson Association i am proud of being able to hear the “old lady” again.

    Keep this 95 years old fascinating peace of history running !

    At 12:00 utc i used an AEG E800/2
    feeded by an active tuned Rod Antenna.
    Signal was loud and clear at S9.
    Little QRM and QRN now.

    73 de DC1MAK
    Micha JN48UL

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    Greg Fismer DF2IC

    Missed the first transmission, but was ready for the second. Great signal and perfect copy in JN49jo near Heidelberg.
    RX: Skonti TRP-8250
    Ant: PA0RDT Mini Whip
    Keep up the excellent work and hope to hear from you soon again!
    Worked SK6SAQ a bit earlier in 20m, excellent signal too.

    73 de Greg DF2IC

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    Benjamin, HB3YIW

    Dear SAQ-Team

    Many thanks for this transmission. Perfect copy in Bern Switzerland (JN36rx).
    Setup this year :
    DIY E202 receiver
    Xonar Audiocard
    Spectrum Lab Software
    Video you can watch here : https://youtu.be/v7C7EYOwtJQ

    73 de,
    Benjamin (HB3YIW)

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    Peter Eijlander (PA0PJE)

    Just listened to the transmission on my old Murphy B41 receiver. Good reception at the Fort near Edam

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    Fred, pe0fko, NL

    Perfect signal in the Nederlands, JO32CD.
    Receiver SA612 converter to 14MHz, IC7300 backend, USB to PC SBSpectrum. 17m long wire antenne.
    Received RST 585

    73, Fred

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    Domenico LINDO / IZ7SLZ

    Good copy in Apulia, South Italy (Loc. JN80nu).
    QSA4 with Miniwhip antenna + audio card + software Spectrum Lab
    You can listen on https://qsl.net/iz7slz/VLF/SAQ_jun_2019.wav

    Hoping to visit your site in Sweden one day.

    Best wishes
    Domenico IZ7SLZ
    Putignano, Italy

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    IZ6BMP Rino

    Hello, nice signal for the morning transmission here in JN72AG (Alanno, close to Pescara, 200km east fromo Rome), 20dB above noise floor.
    Antenna: PA0RDT mini-whip “on-a-cane” 😀
    Front-end: ART USB-Dual-Pre audio pre-amplifier and digitizer
    Demod: SDR# V1.0.0.1361 running on Windows XP
    PC: An old SIEMENS AMILOpro (Intel Core2 T5500@1.66GHz, 2GB RAM)

    A screenshot of this morning reception

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    Per Tjernlund
    Per Tjernlund

    Signal 599 as usual
    My qth is Kramfors, Sweden in the middle of Norrland
    Receiver Racal 1772, antenna end fed wire 20m
    Thanks for the highlight of the summer and for all your work.
    73’s de Per SM0WHL/3

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    Michael Krauss
    Michael Krauss

    As a member of the Alexanderson Association i am proud of being able to hear the “old lady” again.

    Keep this 95 years old fascinating peace of history running !

    At 09:00 utc i used an AOR AR7030
    feeded by an active tunes Rod Antenna.
    Signal was loud and clear at S9+20dB.
    No QRM or QRN here 🙂

    At 12:00 utc i will try the AEG E800/2.

    73 de DC1MAK
    Micha JN48UL

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    Fine signal as usual, also the frequency stability seems to have been improved.

    A video showing how this was received in Warsaw/Poland:


    VY 73 DE
    Jacek/SQ5BPF and Marcin/SQ2BXI


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    Good signals into the UK.

    15dB above the noise floor into Farnham WEB SDR http://farnham-sdr.com/ in SE UK

    12dB above the noise floor into Kernow KiWI WEB SDR http://kernow.hopto.org:8073/ at Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall SW tip of UK (despite a very high noise floor)

    Unfortunately too much switched mode power supply noise on my SWUK KiWi SDR http://southwest.ddns.net:8073/ which masked the SAQ signal.

    Martin – G8JNJ – Admin for Farnham / Kernow and SWUKSDR

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    Martin Smyth
    Martin Smyth

    Dear Grimeton,

    5/9 into UK and Farnham WEBSDR at 10:00 BST. An excellent 8 minute transmission and well done all. I could see 7 different users listening on the WEBSDR.

    Hoping to visit you one day soon.

    Best wishes

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    Peter Wassink

    Nice signals, the morning transmission peaked upto about S9 here in Holland on a pa0rdt-whip active antenna,
    received it in Vorden, JO32dc eastern part of the netherlands

    Keep up the good work and keep that magnificent radiostation running,
    was able to visit your beautifull sstation and ejoyed every bolt of it .. 🙂 hi

    73 Peter Pd0pha

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    DK3SML, Mike

    tnx for transmission!

    Good copy here in South Germany, no QRN RST 569, almost about -95db

    RX: ELAS FDM2-SDR, antenna Wellbrook ALA-1530+ (magnetic loop)

    73s de Mike, DK3SML

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    Carsten Görner DG0JCG

    Locator: JO60MU
    Feldstärke S5…7
    Lesbarkeit 3…4
    My Call DG0JCG
    Vy tnx fo the Transmission

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    Jean-Marie POLARD F5VLB

    Hello, I will have a try to hear you tomorrow with earth probes electrodes and a one ESH-2 from Rhode and Schwarz. My report will be sent later that day.

    Best regards from Brittany, France
    Jean Marie F5VLB

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