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    Raimund Donalies

    Hello, it was a good signal in nort west Germany. I use a FD4 Antenna, a Datong convewrter and my TS480 to listen for SAQ today morniung and just before. Good Signal 15 dB above noise.73 de Raimund DH8RD in JO44PE. Also watched the livestream on Youtube Looking forward fo christmas this year.

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      Whitham Reeve

      I received both transmissions on 30 June 2019 at Cohoe, Alaska USA and filed the online reception report.

      Will QSL cards acknowledging the reception be mailed out like last year?

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      Wolfgang Palme (DL8ABH)

      Glad about best reception of SAQ-Alexanderson Day Transmission ever: RST 489, Qth: Barsinghausen /N. Germany
      Gear: Dressler Ara 60, Refcom LF Converter, Ten Tec Omni V
      mni tnx for keeping on running SAQ
      73 Wolf DL8ABH

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      Aleksander Cieszkowski SP9ERY

      Dear SAQ Team and all SAQ listeners,
      I have been listening the SAQ for the first time on 30th July this year, and it was a great adventure for me.
      My equipment was:
      1) an upconverter to 4 MHZ using ferrite antenna and a FRG-7 receiver,
      2) simple regenerative 3 transistor receiver also with ferrite antenna.
      Signal was strong enough- with 1st set it was S7-8, and with 2nd set signal was weak but readible.
      I’m looking forward to hear SAQ in winter.
      Best 73’s and regards,
      Alex SP9ERY

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      Bernd Rieth


      very strong signal (-68 dBm) in JN39PQ (Idar-Oberstein)
      Equipment: W&G SPM-3, Ant 9m Vertical.

      Bernd DF8PX

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      Steven BAERT, ON4SLB

      Dear Sir,
      I was able on 30 june to receive SAQ at 14 h local time, here in Belgium, St.-Martens-Latem, RST 599, all FB
      Setup : longwire 40m, 12m high, homebrew upconverter (2 x BF981 (RF and mix) and 5 MHz LO), receiver Yaesu FT817.
      Keep Her running,
      hear you on 24 of december.
      Steven, on4slb

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      Rupert Bullock

      Excellent strong signal from SAQ received here in the South of England during the 1200UTC transmission today. My receive set up was a 1957 Racal RA17mk1 with an RA37 LF adapter and a Wellbrook ALA1530LF RX loop aerial. Thanks for the very pleasant listening experience.
      vy 73
      Rupert G4XRV

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      Walter Krafft

      I have organized an saq-fieldday JO54BH. We habe had over 20 OM, who has listened saq with a very very strong Signal 599 with differnt homebrew an Commercial Receivers.

      I have built up an NVIS-antenna and we have contact with our callsigns DL0KF an DN4AZ without any Problems.

      tnx Walter, DL6HAK and Gerlinde, DO5GK and the rest of the vistors of our saq fieldday.

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      Jose Magi

      Very good copy today both SAQ transmissions in Catalonia Spain near Barcelona.
      Equipment: Rohde Schwarz ESH3 receiver with Active Loop Antenna HFH2-Z2
      73 from Catalonia
      Jose – EA3JAA

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      David S51DA

      Beautiful signal in Bohinj JN66XG with MiniWhip and SAQrx_V098.

      73 de s51da

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      Rabbe Fogelholm

      At the top of Väsjöbacken, 100 m above sea level, 59°27′12″ North, 17°58′21″ East, just north of Stockholm, Sweden. Very clear reception with a 25 m extension cord laid out on the dry ground, a laptop with the SAQrx program (https://sites.google.com/site/sm6lkm/saqrx/), and headphones.

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      Felix Popa

      Good signal in Romania on a ferrite rod anntena and home made receiver. All is a quick improvisation. The frequency metter is incorrect calibrated, it shows 20Khz.

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      Peter Eijlander (PA0PJE)

      Second transmission received with an “up-converter” (SO42P+10 MHz osc.) and a Racal RA-17 on 10 MHz. Good sigs, easy copy! Thanksfor the nice transmissions. Best 73 from Edam. Peter – PA0PJE at the Fort bij Edam.

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      Hello SAQ enthusiasts,
      after 3 years of noise and statics i received today a low (10-15 dB over noise) but good audible signal here in south Bavaria close to Munich (Loc. JN57WV)
      Conditions RX: Rohde & Schwarz EK 895, Ant: 10 to 100 kHz Loopantenna 8m over Ground

      All the best to the SAQ family all over the word and stay “radioactive”!
      vy 73 de DL1BAY Op. Manfred

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      Jo dl3avi

      Very good copy both transmissions in Eisenach jo50dx. Antenna FD4 and SAQ Panoramic VLF Receiver v0.6 by Lenovo, RST 579.
      73 jo dl3avi

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      Christopher Bowne

      No joy here again on Stonington Point Connecticut USA for the second transmission. I’ll be back again on Christmas Eve! Hopefully a lot less static then, noise levels today were more than 20dB higher than when copied the Christmas Eve 2018 transmission from here. Equipment was a Wandell und Goltermann AT-611 Selective Level Meter and a 100 foot “trailing wire” lying on the rocks about 10 feet from the ocean.

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      Andreas Adler

      Hej Alexander fan’s,
      Today I received the first time the SAQ transmission
      using the original “SAQ Receiver kit” from Grimeton.
      The SAQ signal was much better than expected with 569.

      73 from north Germany JO53BI
      Andreas DK9HE

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      Very good receiving near Frankfurt/Main with longwave converter into my old FT 757gx and 80 mtr.Dipol Antenna

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      Bob Ackx

      Very good copy In Boskoop / Netherlands of both transmissions. RST 5 7/8 9 on a Telefunken ELK-639 receiver with a
      horizontal wire of abt 30 metres.
      73 Bob PA5V

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