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    Michael Lippold

    the transmission of the 16th of August could be received very fine here in southern Germany. Signals almost between -100 to -96db, and 30db over the noise level. No or less spherics were observed, so the quality was excellent. The warm up and tuning started early around 0830 UTC. The transmission started on time at 0940 and was finisehd short before 0945UTC. Thank you for transmission! RX: PERSEUS-SDR, ant: ALA1530+

    73s de Mike, DK3SML (JN49sf)

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      Arjan Sol

      Audible reception of te signal on my simple homemade receiver: an oversized ferrite antenna followed by a negative resistance circuit to get a good Q.
      About 10 DB above the noise level, but I used no external antenna and inside the house!
      Location: Zaandijk (near Amsterdam)

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      Nice signals here near Paris, France (24 dB SNR)
      – 1 square meter single turn loop
      – AOR AR5000 receiver
      Congratulations for the nice live video !
      73 de Jean-Louis F6AGR

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      Strong signals from SAQ Special transmission on 16th August 2016 in West London. 40 dB signal level ( -90dB) over noise level ( -130dB) using 1m pole length active antenna .

      73s de Juan, M0WWA

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      Hi Lars,

      good signal today! About 30dB over the noise in the middle of germany.

      Antenna: Loop & Whip, all stuff selfmade.

      Hear you at christmas! 🙂

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      Great signals in South England. My receiver is an rfspace cloud-IQ connected to an old Datong AD370. A couple of FFT’s can be seen at https://twitter.com/uhf_satcom/status/765471492914106368 – thanks for the transmission, really great to hear stuff on VLF! 73’s M0EYT.

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      Rommert Zonneveld

      16 August 2016
      Good reception from your signal in Sexbierum ( Northern part Netherlands )
      Clean registration with the modified GNT morse inker.
      73 de Rommert Zonneveld pe1dcf.

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      Andrea IW3IAB

      Nice reception with homemade receiver & antenna quad loop in Padua – North Italy! Great Job with lovely support of my wife today ’cause I was at job.
      See you soon

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      Kjell Bergqvist

      Good reception in northern Sweden (near the Arctic Circle)!. Video is here: https://vimeo.com/179039708
      73 de Kjell SM2FOB

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      Benjamin Grogg

      Good reception in Switzerland. Equipment : Tecsun PL-880, DIY Converter, DIY MiniWhip Antenna.
      Video of the transmission : https://youtu.be/sDcedB4y3oc
      73 de
      Benjamin Grogg (HB3YIW)

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      Vlad Tkachuk

      Hi! My receiver DEGEN DE-1103, antena LOOP 86m . My QTH is Zdolbuniv , west Ukraine (WW-LOC KO30CM)
      Video transmission SAQ 16th of August 2016 y. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXoD1NhrwmQ

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