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    DL1BLE, Holger

    Dear OPs,
    you did a great job!

    I received the transmission at:

    24 Dec. 2015 8:00 – 8:07 UTC
    RST 309, most time, RST 209 sometimes
    RX: Teletron 704C -F
    Ant.. 23m wire; Locator JO43KB (Bremen)

    best wishes

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      Hello Operators:
      My report from JN77ra (near Graz) was 488 plus 10dB with a manmade noise of 59 plus 5 dB. I am using 43 meter wire antenna with a loading coil, a 10 MHz up converter
      (SO42p) to my YaesuFT102 with 600 Hz CW filter. Thank you for your efforts and i hope i can receive the SAQ soon.
      Helmut, OE6IEG Austria, Graz

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      Hartmuth Schröder

      SAQ received 24.12.15. 0755-0806 UTC , qth jo33wf near Oldenburg/Germany,
      RST 218 to RST 428, very hard manmade noise around 17,2 kHz from fence Generators and biogas fents in the vicinity
      RX: Hagenuk RX1001M, R&S GX852L1, Antenna: Beverage 240m, Loop 165m.
      Greetings Hardy DF5BP

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      good signal in my QTH FLEN , RST 579 Reciever RFspace SDR-IQ , antenn HDLA Loop 1m

      73 de SM5GLQ/Sture

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      Michael Krauss

      Hello SAQ, hello Lars,

      I`m very happy to be able to give you a very good QSL.
      Signal was very strong here in Westerheim JN48TM ( S9+25dB (calibrated)) and
      SNR was i think infinite – i heard SAQ and nothing else 🙂
      So it is definitely a 599 report.
      RX was a slightly modified AR7030 feeded by an active whip antenna.

      – over 90 years SAQ, 10 years christmas transmission – keep this wonderful maschine alive ! –

      best regards
      micha, DC1MAK

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      OE3FFC, Franz

      Dear OPs,
      many thanks for transmitting on this beautiful day.
      We, (OE3IDS and OE3FFC) received your Signal during the full time, from aprox. 07.30-08.10 UTC, 24.12.2015
      with 599, no QSB, no QRM with rebuild 77,5 kHz Ferrite-Antenna, Up-Converter to 30 mc/s and FT100.

      Nice X-mas day and all the best for 2016

      Vy 73, de OE3FFC, Franz 73, Franz, OE3FFC

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