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    dear SAQ. well done all good copy jn JN37VJ
    559 on whip Antenna and 599 on 160m longwire

    please bring the radio operator a beer or two he seems bit exausted after TX! 🙂

    cheers Remo es HB9SND

    ODX from live Chat
    1:05 AM
    Ron hawk
    ​vk2mu Sydney very noisy but can here some characters sounds good tone

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    569 + some QRN, nice copy near Detmold JO41JW
    vy 73 de Wolf DL2YBF

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    dear SAQ operators,

    RST 479 in the Netherlands nr Rotterdam.
    Antenna 42 meter circumference delta loop at about 2 to 8 meter above ground level, and added capacitor for 17.2 kHz resonance, SAQ panoramic VLF receiver software.
    First time reception from noisy home location experimenting with this setup!

    Thanks to all at SAQ for the effort bringing this piece of history on the air every time.

    73 de Jan, PA3GSV

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    Mervyn Swift
    Mervyn Swift

    Good reception here in north west England this morning ,Receiver Racal ra 1772, antenna Wellbrook 1530 loop,many thanks and 73 Mervyn G6NJJ

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    Michael Krauss
    Michael Krauss

    As a member of the Alexanderson Association i am proud of being able to hear the “old lady” again.

    Keep this 95 years old fascinating peace of history running !

    At 09:00 utc i used an AOR AR7030
    feeded by an active tunes Rod Antenna.
    Signal was loud and clear at S9+20dB.
    No QRM or QRN here 🙂

    At 12:00 utc i will try the AEG E800/2.

    73 de DC1MAK
    Micha JN48UL

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    Christopher Bowne

    No reception here on Stonington Point, CT USA this morning. Noise floor from summer static was about 20 dB higher than during the successful transmission back on Christmas Eve 2018. But a beautiful morning over here on the Point!

    73 de Chris AJ1G Stonington CT

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