Time: 12:00 pm (CET)

Location: https://cqforpeace.wordpress.com/

Students in Zambia and Sweden send their message to the world through a live broadcast from the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station, Sweden. The students at King´s High Way SDA School, Zambia and Göthrik´s School, Sweden, are conducting the live broadcast and International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) will contribute with videos and messages to the program.

This will be a celebration full of young peoples creativity with calls to everybody and to the future. They focus on the importance of peace, human rights, childrens rights as well as the protection of our World Heritage. It is a call to the world!


Join us and contribute with your own thought´s of peace.

Visit https://cqforpeace.wordpress.com/

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11:30 -the channel for the broadcast opens on the website:  https://cqforpeace.wordpress.com/

11:45 – videos produced by IYMS and students from Zambia and Sweden

12:00 – Live broadcast starts, with the students and IYMS-participator, from the  World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station.
NOTE: No transmission over the antenna.

12:45 – end of live broadcast combined with more videos from IYMS.


The celebration is possible thanks to good cooperation with: Varbergs kommun, ABF, Kultur i Halland, Alexander GVV and IYMS


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