The Alexander association – Grimeton SAQ veteran radio friends

Listener report record on Alexanderson Day 2020 The odds were not optimal this year, with the ongoing Corona pandemic and in the early Sunday morning, the rain was pouring down and heavy... Read more The Alexander association The Alexander association was founded by earlier employees at the radio station and by persons interested in industry and culture history in order to keep and... Read more Listeners' Reports Interactive Map Click here to view the map in full screen mode. Use the map to discover our listeners' reports from our official transmissions. Here is how it... Read more Make a virtual visit to SAQ - Grimeton To, at site in Grimeton, Sweden, take part of this unique old facility is of course fantastic. Virtually all year it is possible to come... Read more

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Here are our listeners!

Explore our listeners on this interactive map. Click on the menu symbol in the upper left corner, to search through recent transmissions. Click on the dots for detailed listener information. Enjoy!

Click here to view the map in full screen mode.


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