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    The transmitter start-up will begin at 11.30 (9.30 UTC) and the transmission will begin on 17,2 kHz CW at 12.00 (10.00 UTC). You can also watch a live video stream of the event on https://www.alexander.n.se or on our YouTube channel.

    No QSL-cards will be given this time and no List of Reports will be constructed but we accept shorter Listeners Reports to e-mail info@alexander.n.se or post your report here in our forum.

    Fredrik /AlexanderSAQ

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    Bernd Schliecker

    Hello friends
    I have received the broadcast from 1 may 2018 on the Baltic Sea. On a sailing ship. The distance was not large with about 280KM. Coordinates: 55 ° 8’57.61 “N 9 ° 43’14.58” E. The receiver is a homemade. The box is a smal box. Antenna is a ferriteantenna, mixer is a direct mixer (with quartz). Power supply of a LiPo cell. I was very happy that my receiver worked well. The shema is simple. I expect the next broadcast near Berlin. Greetings and good luck

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    Bernd Schliecker


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    Markus Lemke

    my first attempt to receive the SAQ today. Signal was good but I expected it stronger.

    Antenna : shortwave beam 30/40m which works surprisingly good at VLF
    RX: homebrew converter + FT1000MP

    additional :
    German telegraph from 1880 (Gerb. Naglo, Berlin) to write the Morse code to paper strip

    Had a lot of noise here around 17 kHz, therefore the decoder was only able to deliver
    some fragments of the text but I could hear and write it down manually without big problems.
    Your signal was lower than MSF60 from UK, which is > 1000 km from here, much more than
    the distance to Grimeton.
    Thanks for your effort and the successful transmission today !

    Written by telegraph from 1880

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    Good Signal (RST 468) in Wittenburg/Germany. Locator JO55MM
    RST 468

    RX: russian SW-Receiver “P-326”,
    VLF-Converter with NE602,
    Antenna: square Loop 110 cm dia,
    Decoder: Software “Fldigi”

    Big thanks to the SAQ team

    73 Axel

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    Bob Houlston
    Bob Houlston

    Received RST 459 in UK.
    73 Bob G4PVB

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    Kueffer Alexander

    Good evening, your shipment has worked perfectly again.
    My reception system:
    RX: Telefunken ELK639.
    Ant. Mini Whip.
    My long wire did not work QRM too big.
    RST: 4 7 9
    Thank you for your work on the transmitter.
    OM: Kueffer Alexander (HE9EFY).
    QTH: Solothurn JN37TE.
    Vy 73 Alexander

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    Guy Fernando

    Hej, Many thanks for your VLF transmission on 17.2kHz today.

    Strong clear signal here in London, UK.
    SNR: 21.2dB

    Looking forward to your next transmission.

    Best wishes,
    73 M0OOX

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    Good reception in the Netherlands!
    Rprt: 579 in JO21MM (Goirle)
    My Rig:
    1 square m Loop (160m wire) 8m high
    500khz LPF filter
    600 ohm audio transformator 1:1
    Laptop on accu
    Spectrumlab with saqrcvr1.usr
    picture : http://www.weerenverkeer.org/PA0BFO/images/SAQ_01_05_2018.JPG

    73 Jan

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    Janne SM5AKU

    CORRECTION to my earlier post:
    SAQ was -55 to -60 dB with noise floor at -80 dB.
    Sorry for mistake. My bad.

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    Nice and strong in JO79KR

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    Very good signal in JO92fg:

    Best 73 de Wald SP3UR

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    Wolfgang Sprodofsky , DM2SP

    Hello dear Team SAQ

    I have received your sigs with RST 577 in Berlin-Tegel , JO62PN.

    my equipment:
    Ant. magnetic loop 55cm dia.
    VLF-converter with tubes 0…550khz —> (2000…2550)kHz , home made
    TRX FT-897D , cw-filter 300Hz , DSP 60Hz

    73 Wolfgang , DM2SP

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    no signal in rothenburg (east germany). Thank you for operating.

    Uli 48

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    Dennis G8IMN

    Good signal here in the Midlands UK, IO92CN, using Airspy HF+ with a long wire antenna

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    Axel Palluch DL2JAP

    Hallo Dear Team SAQ
    mni tnx for the good sigs!
    rprt 5/7/8 in East Germany, Loc. JO60it, qth Hohenstein-Ernstthal
    Equipment ICOM IC 7300, Daton VLF – Converter, Antenna Butternut HF9V
    vy 73
    Axel DL2JAP

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    Dennis G8IMN

    Good signal here in the Midlands UK, IO92CN

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    Janne SM5AKU

    QTH Vingåker JO79XB.
    Using the SAQrx program by SM6LKM and ten meter wire to mic input, sigs from SAQ was -25 to -30 dB with niose floor at -80 dB.
    Had strong QRM from what sounded as RTTY very close to 17.2 most of the time. Test transmissions before acctual message was very well readable when in the clear, but the message was hidden by the RTTY.
    73, Janne

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    Bart Lee
    Bart Lee

    Null result here in California (San Francisco). Thank you for operating again! Greeting to Ola and the crew! 73 de Bart, K6VK ##

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    Signal strong and clear in JN73SN RX is a SDR Perseus.

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    Kryss – F4GUK (Paris)

    A big thanks to the SAQ team for the work.
    CW Signal received near Paris, France with various antennas : Marconi “Lazy L” ( tuned for 136 KHz), Miniwhip, and my 160m dipole.

    I try to post a picture of the SAQ signal during antenna tuning :

    See you soon on air !

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    well done guys.
    Signal (RST) was 535 in JN49BU. My receiving equipment: Airspy HF+ with SDR Console V3 and Mini Whip.

    73 Burkhard

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    Carlos Mourato

    Hi good morning
    Carlos Mourato CT4RK from Portugal.
    Today (1/05/2018) transmission from SAQ Grimton on 17.2KHz was received in Sines – Portugal with 30dBuV signal streng. The RST was 559. No bad for a very active D layer at the moment.. My reception condictions was a receiver Rohde & Schwarz EK070 and an active antenna also R&S HE11. I had some QRM but signals from SAQ received without problem

    73 from CT4RK

    Carlos Mourato

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    Raik DL9GKJ

    tnx for the good Signal. 594 in JO54TA.
    Vy73 Raik DL9GKJ

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    Good job guys
    Signal was -105 dBm in JN36CE on my 18m vertical.
    RX is SDRplay with SDRuno software.

    73 Pierre

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