We are very happy to see all the QSL reports coming in from the transmission with the Alexanderson alternator, with call signal SAQ, on Alexanderson day, June 28th 2015. We have started the work to put together a report, which will be published later on, once all QSL reports has arrived.

An SAQ transmission is always a great event for us in the Alexander GVV association and we are always looking forward to receiving additional information about your own experience of these transmissions, e.g. photos of equipment, antennas, locations, gatherings and more. Keep up this great work and we will continue to publish some of this information on our home page.

The SP9MOA club Station from Niepolomice in Poland, sent us a nice QSL report, confirming transmission on 17,2 kHz in 28.06.2015 12:00 UTC, using a EKD 300 receiver with loop magnetic antenna. These pictures from the event was included in the QSL report:


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